Applus Mongolia’s team of Rope Access technicians have completed the Wind Turbine Cleaning at Tsetsii Wind Farm. As a result of this cleaning, the wind turbine is now able to operate with more efficiency as well as without danger of accumulated dirt causing damage to the turbine and blades.

Located in the middle of the Asia’s second largest desert - Gobi desert, Tsetsii Wind Farm’s Wind Turbine was covered in sand which required cleaning. Team of Rope Access technicians from Applus has cleaned the tower, blades and nacelles using high pressure water jet.

We are delighted to announce that the Wind Turbine Cleaning work was completed according to the Safety policy without any incidents.

Over all, the job has marked another milestone for Mongolia’s Renewable Energy sector.

After Mongolia, the Wind Turbine Cleaning team is going to other Asian locations for their next work.

You will notice the amazing photos used by Applus Mongolia are taken by our very own UAV.