Bridge Construction LLC

Organization: Bride Construntion LLC




Bridge Construction LLC is the first construction company which successfully

adopted ISO9001 certification in Mongolia. Bridge Construction LLC was established in

January 12, 1996, subsidiary of the Bridge Group as manufacturing sector, which has

been working in Mongolian construction and infrastructure sectors over 20 years

continuously. Since its establishment, we have constructed over 90 buildings in

cooperation with local and foreign companies We have built 50 secondary schools, office

buildings, hospitals, apartments, fiber optic cable, installation of diesel power plant, road

construction facilities, technical engineering construction in the past 20 years with high


Since 2016, we have been implementing Solar power plant projects, which can be

considered as the first project (in this sector) supported by the Japanese government,

and in which we have already gained a valuable experience. In the future, we aim to

implement large and small sized projects in the renewable energy sector; furthermore,

we hope to contribute to the solution of air pollution issue that our country is facing.

Our business activities include:

1 Energy facilities drawing, feasibility studies

2 Power transmission line, substation construction work

3 Energy facilities construction work

4 Civil construction work

5 Construction material’s manufacturing /Concrete, concrete products, crushed


6 Building utilization service

7 Renting service machinery and equipment tools.