Clean Energy LLC has been established since 2004 and it is the first private investment company of renewable energy source of wind power plant in Mongolian Energy sector.

Highlights of Salkhit wind farm
First renewable energy generator to be connected with central grid, first IPP
First utility with a private investment in renewable energy of Mongolia
Largest CDM project registered in UN


Project total investment 120Million USD

Capacity: 50MW (GE 1.6-82.5xle 31 WTGs). This WTG is used throughout the word
27 km 35 kV cable network
First 110kV gas insulation Thermo Block building in Mongolia (GIS)
Thyristor-controlled Static VAR compensator
Remotely control WTGs from substation SCADA system

Development:    Early works since 2011
Major construction since Apr 2012 – 95% workers were nationals out of 4000 people
Operations since June 2013

Contribution to sustainable development
As of 2014 supplied 174M kWh energy to Central grid:
Accounted 3% of  Central region energy consumption
Supplied approximately 80,000 households’ annual electricity consumption
Reduce coal burning by 122 thousand tons annually
Save 1.6 million tons of fresh water annually
Cut CO2 by 180 thousand tons annually