Блокын гарчиг

Organization: Landbridge LLC

Website: www.landbridge.mn

Introduction: Landbridge LLC is an International Freight Forwarding company providing a broad range of services in the field of transportation.  By choosing Landbridge, you have selected a firm that has built its reputation on the highest service standards facilitated by an experienced organization. We are offering international and domestic transport logistics comprehensive services to the costumers using all kinds of transportation, like, rail, air, sea and auto, our specialists’ knowledge and skills, and network of over 2000 agents which are located in over 90 countries of the world.

The renewable energy project is comprised of high cost and oversized shipment, which are characterize by the need for specialized transport services. Our company introduced a full insurance system for the first time in the Mongolian logistics sector and insured 100% of all freight for all foreign freight without any additional payment from the client. In addition, we offer integrated logistics services, including customs clearance, tax deduction and document preparation.